Triple Play Package

Your Honey Moon is on Us!

VegasWed is Excited to offer Each Wedding Bride and Groom and their wedding party the triple play package. which gives you no limit to who you can invite to your wedding, all they pay for is the gas or flight to get to vegas.

  • FREE 3 Days and 2 nights at the Plaza Hotel
  • 2 FREE Tickets to a Las Vegas Show ( the Show Producers are funding this package and going to the show is required )
  • FREE $100 Slot Play which you will have access to after Checking into your hotel and picking up your Show tickets.
  • You have one year to use this Package
  • the Shows Producers are paying for this package and to ensure you do stay at the hotel , and go to the show, and use the $100 Slot Play money with in a year. the ask for a 100% fully Refundable deposit which you will get the day you check into the Plaza Hotel and Casino. ( deposit $149 which you get in Cash in your hand the day you check into the Plaza Hotel and Casino you get your hotel Keys, your two Show tickets, $100 in Slot Play money and your $149 Fully Refundable Deposit the same day of Check inn. )
  • Must be over 21 years of age to qualify
  • Single ladies qualify
  • Couples, exaple : wife, husband, fiance, girl friend , boy friend ect. qualify

Fill out the form and our Vegaswed Staff will contact you and set up your package

3 Days 2 Nights, Two Tickets to Las Vegas Show,$100 Slot Play